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Woodbridge Village Farmers’ Market

Vaughan, Ontario

Vaughan - September 30th, 2022 - You can count on the fact that since I started the Harvest Hunters, I have put some mileage on my car. So you know it was an absolute delight to discover that there is a farmers’ market just around the corner from my home in Woodbridge. All I have to do is drive down Islington and make a right into the Woodbridge Memorial Centre to enter the Woodbridge Farmers’ Market.

I first visited this market (I know, crazy that I have never been before) in 2021 on September 25th. By this time of year, the fall vibes during market season are immaculate - and the same can be said for my experience here. The sun was shining, and it was still quite warm, but the display of pumpkins was out and the haystacks lined the entrance of the market. Though small, I was able to walk away from the market with pumpkins for my front door, and DELICIOUS almond croissants from a local baker. I have since been back to the market, though earlier in the season, and can say it is the perfect little market for the Woodbridge community!

The Woodbridge Village Farmers Market is a non-profit, volunteer run market affiliated with the Woodbridge Agricultural Society. Join market goers every Saturday morning from mid-June until October. Visit the website for more information.

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