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Village Market (at Waldorf)

Thornhill, Ontario

Toronto - July 27, 2021 - As a long time resident in Vaughan, I was shocked to be directed onto a hidden, unnamed road while following my GPS south on Bathurst. As I made a right onto the road, I was in awe of the sight of only trees up ahead. As I continued to drive and make my way down the winding road, suddenly, a gorgeous brown building that is Toronto Waldorf School appeared and I saw the Village Market. The parking lot lining the building was bustling with cars, with the market itself set up right out front of the school.

To paint you a more wholesome picture, the school is surrounded by trees, making for a gorgeous spot to hold a farmers’ market. The perimeter of the school-front lot was lined with tents of different vendors ranging from bakeries, to organic farms, to others offering preservatives and specialty food items. The breadth of the vendor list is definitely smaller than other markets, however, there is something about the atmosphere that allows these vendors to really engage with their customers on a level I haven’t seen before. I engaged in really great conversation with a number of vendors, learning about their businesses, products, and even their history.

Pomerium Renaissance Crabapples specializes in crabapple juice and specialties made in Grafton, Ontario. Hansomm Chef specializes in kimchi and pickled products, owned and operated by a lovely woman whose background in culinary arts includes being a culinary instructor at George Brown College. She sources all the vegetables she pickles from local farms. Unity Farm is another vendor that stood out to me as the farmer was once from Richmond Hill, also the city where I was born, but moved north to start his farm. I purchased a large bag of his arugula from Unity Farm and it was absolutely fantastic. The friendliest of them all, however, was Mike from Farmhouse Garden Organics, selling dried fruits and seeds. Not only did I have a great chat with Mike about his farm, but he also recommended me to other vendors in the market such as Our Farm Bread where I bought the most DELICIOUS organic bagels.

The Village Market (at Waldorf) operates from May 1st to October 30th, every Saturday from 8:00am to 1:00pm. I cannot wait to visit again!

For more information about the market and its vendors, visit their website.

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