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Uxbridge Farmers Market

Uxbridge, Ontario

Toronto - September 9, 2021 - My favourite kind of Sundays are the ones where I have zero plans and let the wind move me where it may. On Sunday, August 1st, I woke up with this exact blissful feeling, and after checking the weather I hopped into my car and headed north towards Uxbridge.

I’ve heard the city name several times before, but I have never ventured to Uxbridge myself. I will start off by saying that the long drive is absolutely worth it - after taking the Durham Regional Road exit off of the highway, I completely forgot where I was and just drove with the windows down. Trees, open fields, and unique houses and cottages surrounded me. As I continued north, I was taken through a picture perfect stretch of road and finally approached the entrance to the Uxbridge Farmers Market.

The Uxbridge Farmers Market is situated amidst the site of Second Wedge Brewing Company, which sets the perfect stage for a rustic market vibe. On that particular Sunday morning, the parking lot was nearly full and I could see that the market was bustling. The entrance to the market opens up to a large circle in which the vendors are set up, creating a great flow while keeping the setting intimate. Vendors at the market include bakeries, flower farmers, farmers, cheese and preserve producers and sellers, body care vendors, prepared foods, and artisans. Second Wedge Brewing Company’s building is situated at the back of the market, and was also open for business that day. With live music playing in the background and birds chirping amongst the surround trees, I was completely in my feels during this visit.

Of all the amazing vendors, one that really stood out to me was the woman working the booth for Banjo Cider. She was so friendly and took her time to explain to me all of the options they had for sale that day. She also explained the very interesting history of the company - it all started when a couple started making cider for fun for their friends. Their friends absolutely loved their cider, so they decided to start selling it. Why the name Banjo? Well because one of the founders plays the banjo!

Established in 2001, the Uxbridge Farmers Market has been a meeting place to connect with friends, family and neighbours and springboard for local farmers and artisans to introduce the the fruits of their labour to new audiences. It is a celebration of community and the bounty of land. They have strict vendor policies to ensure that farm vendors produce the majority of what they sell, and do not purchase from the Ontario Food Terminal for re-sale, a personal favourite fact about this market!

I definitely recommend visiting the Uxbridge Farmers Market before the end of the season. And if the drive seems too long, make a day of it and stop for a drink at Second Wedge Brewing Company, then for lunch in town! For more information before your trip, visit the farmers market’s website.

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