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Underpass Farmers’ Market

Toronto, Ontario

Toronto - October 29, 2021 - Since the start of the Harvest Hunters, I’ve been looking for a market that breaks the boundaries of the traditional farmers market. In Toronto specifically, I have been looking for one that is trendy and cool, yet offers a selection of products that you would see at a larger market. And in this, God gave us the Underpass Farmers’ Market.

This market is AWESOMELY located below the underpass on Bayview Avenue every Thursday throughout the summer. On the particular Thursday, the clouds were rolling in upon my arrival at 4:00pm but that did not steer the people away. The market was busy with locals walking around the well organized format of the market. As if the edginess of the graffitied walls wasn’t enough to set the tone, there was music playing at a perfect volume to liven the area even more. Vendors included fruit and vegetable farmers, brewers and prepared food creators, bakers, skincare brands, and even a dog food brand.

Though there was a great selection of varying products, I loved that the market was small enough for me to really take my time to speak to each of the vendors. I spoke to the team from Desbarres Chocolate (a company out of Uxbridge that imports cocoa from Tanzania), a local Toronto brewery, and a local Toronto kombucha brewer.

Underpass Park Farmers Market was established by Suzanne Kavanagh in 2017 as a volunteer-run, not-for-profit community market in Corktown, Toronto. Though the season has now concluded, the Underpass Farmers’ Market is a must try next year for all Toronto dwellers. Check out the market’s website for more information.

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