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  • Roselyn D'Ascanio

The Stop Farmers’ Market

Toronto, Ontario

Vaughan - June 10th, 2022 - It was the first gorgeous Saturday of the year when I hopped into my car, scooped up Christina as I drove south, and made my way to the Hillcrest Village neighborhood in Toronto. The sun was shining, our moods were perfectly in sync with bright eyes, and we were excited to hit our first outdoor market of the season: The Stop Farmers’ Market.

Sometimes interchanged with the name ‘Wychwood Barns Farmers’ Market’ (since The Stop is really the organization that coordinates the market), this market was one hell of a start to the season. We parked along the street beside Wychwood Park, and walked through a crowd of happy families enjoying time in the sun. We then approached Wychwood Barns, and our jaws dropped at the site of 50+ vendors perfectly situated amidst the property. We started on the east side of the market, and made our way around - meeting different vendors and filling our reusable bags with goodies. Vendors at the market included anyone who grows and/or prepares local, organic, seasonal and culturally diverse food products. It was hard to say no to most of the booths we passed.

The Stop has been operating the Wychwood Barns Farmer’s Market since 2009 as an initiative to create space and support for farmers, vendors and artists who offer locally made, ecologically-conscious and ethical goods. The market operates inside during the winter, but is outside in May and throughout the summer.

Visit the market each Saturday from 8am to 1pm - this is a must, people! You can check out their website before your visit for more info as well.

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