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The Met Farmers Market

Toronto, Ontario

Toronto - September 5, 2021 - It was an overcast Sunday morning in August as I drove east on the Gardiner Expressway towards Old Toronto. Though I prefer driving up north through farms and fields, I cannot deny how beautiful the drive into the city is - through the tall buildings with the reflection of the lake sparkling off of the surrounding glass structures. As I made my way towards the Bay Street exit, the sun peeped through the clouds giving that extra morning serotonin boost, getting me excited for my upcoming visit to the Met Farmers Market.

Making a right on Queen Street East from Bay Street, I could see the farmers market signage lining the street amidst the site of the Metropolitan United Church. As I parked in a nearby covered garage to shelter from any impending rain, the sun came out from the clouds further as if it was welcoming me to the market that morning. The market itself was on the smaller side, but was nicely set up in a one way path through the parklands of the Church. That particular morning, I really appreciated the quaintness of the market, giving me time to truly explore each unique vendor it had on site. As expected, there were produce farms and flower farms on site. Additionally, however, there were some unique vendors I have never seen before such as a lovely woman who makes notepads and colouring books from old children’s books. As I made my way through the market and reached the end, I was delighted that the rain held off for both myself and the wonderful vendors I met that morning.

The Met Farmers Market takes place every Sunday from 10:00am to 2:00pn, until October 31st. An initiative by Metropolitan United Church, the market is moving beyond the conventional to pursue a "food-hub"-style market that contributes to an accessible community food space.

If you live in the area, I definitely recommend you take a walk over to the Met Farmers Market soon. For more information before your visit, visit their website!

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