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The Leslieville Farmers Market

Toronto, Ontario

Toronto - August 27, 2021 - There has been one Toronto market in particular that has been on my bucket (read: market) list since the beginning of the Harvest Hunters. One of my friends has been ranting and raving about the market to me, and encouraging me to visit it as a part of my journey whenever I could. On the morning of Sunday, July 25th, I woke up to a warm sunny day. With nothing on my agenda for the morning, I packed my tea for the car ride and made my way over to the Leslieville Farmers Market.

I currently live west of Toronto in Etobicoke. So on a typical day, the drive to Leslieville would have seen bumper to bumper traffic on the Gardiner Expressway, and would have been at least 40 minutes. But if you are an early riser and usually hit the road before rush hour, you know the blissful feeling of an open freeway, so quiet that you can roll down your windows while going 120km/h to let the warm breeze blow through your hair. This is the experience I got that particular Sunday morning which set the tone for what was going to be a great market experience.

The Leslieville Farmers Market moved from its typical location this year due to construction, so it was a bit tricky to find. However, I could not have dreamed of a better location for the market than this new spot. The market is situated amidst a large, gorgeous park which already had children running around and laughing at 9:00am. The vendors are set up in a large circle, allowing for free flowing traffic and a lot of space to take your sweet time (which is a big one for me… I hate being rushed). Vendors at the market include farms, producers and prepared foods, wineries, breweries, and cideries. Though I was all produced-out from the day prior, I was so happy to have gone bright and early as I bought the most DELICIOUS breakfast of coffee and fresh croissants from La Boulangerie. I also picked up a few other items I hadn't seen the day before such as hummus and sprouts.

As if this wasn’t enough to encourage you to visit, the Leslieville Farmers Market is more than your average farmers market. The market works to break down barriers to entry and be a platform for new farmers and food producers. They strive to create an equitable local food space where everyone feels welcome, and in that, they are able to provide a consistently joyful community market experience.

If you haven’t already, mark off the next free Sunday in your calendar and make your way to the Leslieville Farmers Market. For more information before your visit, visit their website.

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