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The Giving Place

Mount Albert, Ontario

Vaughan - September 13th, 2022 - You know I am always scouring the internet for new and exciting pop-up markets and events to visit in addition to our regular scheduled programming. One pop-up market that had been scheduled in my calendar for a few weeks was the Lavender Festival taking place at the Giving Place on July 9th and 10th. Because I have the best friends in the world, it was easy to round up the troops for a drive to Mount Albert to attend the Sunday event.

Upon arrival, I was surprised to see that the event took place on a farm - The Giving Place is a farm!!! I didn’t identify this in my original research, so I was double excited to be attending. We parked on the opposite side of East Townline Road at a neighboring farm, then walked across the street where we were greeted by a young woman welcoming us to the Lavender Festival. She handed us a map showing the entire scope of the gorgeous farm, and where abouts the vendors of the Lavender Festival market were situated. Following our map, we walked through the farm and were in awe of the amazing vendors present as well s the on-site Lavender Market the farm hosted throughout the event. We walked, we ate, and we left with bags full of yummy treats and more!

The Giving Place is located in the quaint town of Mount Albert, Ontario on 8 1/2 acres of land. It is a small, all natural, and pesticide free family farm. The farms’ journey started spring of 2018 when the family planted over 2000 lovely Lavender plants of English and French varieties in their newly cleared fields, and quickly added 5 beautiful bee hives to share the space. In addition to farming, the family’s goal is to offer the most brilliant experiences of lavender that they can, from natural products, bouquets and a variety of public & private events at the farm. The Lavender Festival is only one of these events. In addition to events, the farm is open to the public every Sunday where they host a small Lavender Market with home-grown lavender and honey products for sale. The farm is open every other day of the week for private events and bookings.

The Giving Place is a place to escape the hustle and bustle of busy days, to take a moment and breathe. To enjoy their fields and smell the lavender! To learn more about how The Giving Place gives to the community, visit their website. And be sure to stop in for one of their events or Sunday markets!

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