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Thatcher Farms

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Rockwood, Ontario

Toronto - May 25th, 2021 - A few weeks ago, on our first official outing as a team, Alex and I made our way west towards Guelph, Ontario. Thatcher Farms was on our list by way of recommendation from a friend (one who really knows her food, so it was a no-brainer to follow her lead).

One after the other, Alex and I turned left off of 5th Line into the driveway of Thatcher Farms, where there stands a sign with the farm name and the names 'Dana and Adam' written below. Beyond the gorgeous, large trees, past the family home situated on the left hand side, lies a farm-paradise. I hung a left to park my car, and I can see Alex’s eyes bulging out of his head and a smile on his face as he parked next to me. We were thinking the same thing. Getting out of the car, we looked at each other and said “I want to live here”.

The set-up that the Thatcher family has on site is incredible - there is a rustic look that gives the farm a high-end feeling. At the end of the parking lots sits the Thatcher Farms Country Store where the family sells a combination of items grown directly from their farm, and others that are locally sourced. Items from their farm include meat and baked goods.

Thatcher Farms was one of the first on-farm Butcher Shops in Ontario. Thatcher Farms offers quality, healthy, naturally raised meats, with in-house butchers. I can personally vouch for their commitment to quality from purchasing and grilling their striploin steaks. You could taste the difference from the steaks my family usually purchases - less gummy, less veiny, and more tender. On their farm, the Thatcher family raises their stock, beef, pork, lamb, chicken and turkey. I already have a note-to-self to call back in September to put my name in for a Thanksgiving turkey. They also sell items from their in-house Bakery - don’t ask Alex about their apple fritters unless you have a few minutes to hear about his religious experience while eating them.

Though we did not get to meet Adam and Dana themselves, we did connect with them over social media afterwards and they were very enthusiastic and kind. Adam, a University of Guelph graduate in agriculture has farmed his whole life. Dana, a school teacher, has left the education field to run and establish the Farm Market, Butcher Shop and Bakery. We did however, get to meet one of their three children - their son who was friendly and bright and talked to us a bit about his chickens.

Through and through, Thatcher Farms is a must try. A true gem west of the city, most definitely worth the drive. Not only are you supporting a local AND family business, but you are experiencing life on the farm as the Thatcher family sees it, and bringing it home to your own.

To learn more about Thatcher Farms, visit their website!

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