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Thames River Melons

Innerkip, Ontario

Vaughan - August 21st, 2022 - On an overcast Monday morning in June, I was driving home from Tillsonburg, Ontario when I thought it’d be a good idea to take advantage of the distance from there to home and explore some farms and markets in between. From a quick Google search, I discovered that Thames River Melons was along the way. This is a farm that has been on my to-visit list for quite some time - I have seen their team at many farmers' markets, and have wanted to visit their home ever since.

Driving north from Tillsonburg towards Woodstock, I exited the highway on Blandford Road, and spotted the Thames River Melons signs on the right hand side. Now the address below is their mailing address for the farm, while the Blandford Road address is where their farm market and pick-your-own fields live. I turned into the driveway to become enveloped by serene surroundings - stillness, birds chirping, and the warm wind blowing on my face. After walking around the land for a few minutes, I then entered the farm market where they had merchandise for sale, sauces, honeys, pies, and of course their bakery counter. Also on site on Blandford Road is their farm kitchen! The staff was so polite, and though I didn’t buy anything, I would definitely revisit intentionally to purchase some delicious pies.

Thames River Melons is a family owned and operated fruit and vegetable farm where they grow, harvest, and sell a wide variety of produce. The farm began in 1984 when the owner and head farmer Rob decided to experiment with growing one acre of cantaloupe. At the time, growing melons in Ontario was somewhat unusual! But in the end, the risk was worth it. Today, they have expanded to over 500 acres of produce ranging from rhubarb and asparagus in the spring, to strawberries and melons in the summer, to squash and pumpkins in the fall. They also produce a line of preserves including jams, jellies, pickles, sauces, and spreads all made fresh from their produce, as well as honey made from beehives located in their fields. In addition to their farm and on-site market, they sell their farm produce and preserves to local grocery stores and retailers, at a variety of farmers’ markets across Southwestern Ontario, and offer home delivery through their Market Box program, which runs from May - November each season.

This is definitely a farm worth visiting! With activities for the family, snacks, and more, you can spend a lovely morning here for sure. Before visiting, check out their website for more info!

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