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St. Jacobs Farmers' Market

Kitchener, Ontario

Toronto - October 19, 2021 - On a gorgeous Saturday morning in August, I brought a special guest along with me to visit one of my favourite farmers markets. This market has been a family tradition in my family since I can remember - so who better to bring along than one of my cousins! This was her first time visiting the market, so I couldn’t have been more excited to act as tour guide and show her around. Because trust me, visiting this market for the first time requires a tour guide guide.

The St. Jacobs Farmers’ Market is a much-loved tradition in the Waterloo Region. It is one of the largest farmers markets we have ever seen, and is situated amongst the even larger St Jacobs Market District. Still home to the largest population of Old Order Mennonites in Canada, you’ll often see farmers on local roads traveling to the market by horse & buggy.

Upon our arrival, my cousin was in awe of the swarms of people going in and out of the market grounds. It was such a breath of air to finally be around people, in a safe and fun environment. The market truly does bring you back through a time warp, reminding you of the days (or stories, in my case) of bartering in a market square in an old European town. We started with the vendors on the perimeter of the outdoor market, then slowly made our way through the aisles. We went wild on produce and baked goods, purchasing so many items that we also had to buy a carriage to easily transport our items while continuing our exploration. Once we finished our rounds here, we made our ways indoors. Apart from the outdoor market, the other portions of the market include the indoor market, the market tent, Peddler’s Village, and the Market Grill. The indoor market is filled with food to order as well as other food vendors - we bought DELICIOUS lattes from Full of Beans. The market district also comprises Market Road Antiques, St. Jacobs Outlets, and St. Jacobs Furnishing (not explored during our visit).

The history of St. Jacobs Market District is fascinating. At the very least, I recommend you visit the St. Jacobs website to learn more about how the Market District came to be. HOWEVER, it would be a damn shame if you didn’t pay the real thing a visit. It is a definite must try and such a fun afternoon activity with family and friends. You can find everything you need at the St. Jacobs Farmers Market!

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