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Sherway Farmers’ Market

Etobicoke, Ontario

Vaughan - April 10th, 2022 - When I was living in Etobicoke last year, visiting the Sherway Farmers’ Market was EXCEPTIONALLY easy. Available on both Tuesdays and Saturdays, and about a 4-minute drive from home, I visited several mornings to purchase my weekly produce.

The first time I visited, however, was on a Tuesday morning in July. Upon my arrival, I was surprised to see only one long tent set up in the parking lot of the Church on the Queensway. The tent belonged to Blyleven Farms, the sole vendor of the 2021 market. The reasoning for having one vendor was due to - well of course - Covid. However, Blyleven Farms put on such a booth that you could find all of your farm fresh needs directly from them.

In speaking with the Blyleven team, it was even more interesting to hear the commitment the group had to single handedly running this farmers’ market. The farm is in Hamilton, and the team wakes up at 2am every Tuesday and Saturday to make it on time to the site of the market.

I am looking forward to the upcoming market season with the Sherway Farmers’ market will be back from June to October. Though Blyleven did a great job, I hope to see even more vendors come out to play this year! Check back on their website to stay up to date before the season opening!

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