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  • Roselyn D'Ascanio

Sandy’s Farm & Garden Centre

Woodbridge, Ontario

Toronto - May 27th, 2021 - Two Sundays ago, I dropped by my parents house in the afternoon to say hello. As I arrived, my parents were in the midst of a conversation about where they were going to buy this year’s selection of herbs and flowers for their yard. The two of them threw around the names of the usual suspects in which they visit year after year; so I decided to mix it up a bit. I suggested they visit Sandy’s Farm this year, and happily extended an offer to join them on their venture. Minutes later, my dad and I were in the car making our way north up Weston Road.

For someone who grew up in Vaughan, it is crazy to me how much the environment down Weston Road still changes once you pass Major Mackenzie Drive. The suburban, gridlocked town quickly changes to acres of sprawling land, with homes that are few and far in-between. About 15 years ago, I used to frequently drive by the Weston Road and Major Mackenzie Drive intersection as my dance studio was one of the three businesses in a 5km radius of the intersection. In those times, I remember seeing a small fruit and vegetable stand at the corner throughout the spring and summer months. That stand was once Sandy’s Farm. As my dad and I drove past the intersection that Sunday morning, I was both pleased and excited to learn that Sandy’s Farm has relocated to a spot both bigger and better.

Turning left on King Vaughan Road, still amongst sprawling land, we spotted the roadside sign with Sandy’s Farm & Garden Centre written across it. I wasn’t surprised to see that the parking lot was absolutely jumping with cars and people; the latter in which half were exploring the rows of herbs displayed outside of the farmhouse, while the other half lined up to step inside. Before we even got into the line, my dad had his arms full of herbs. However, the outside had absolutely nothing on what we found beyond that farmhouse. The entrance of the farmhouse held fruits and vegetables for sale, with the cash registers on the far end. However, through the back entrance of the farmhouse lays a greenhouse heaven. Rows and rows of beautiful flowers, vegetable plants, soils, and fertilizers lined the two aisles; with people swarming up and down in excitement.

Sandy’s Farm & Garden Centre, a family-run farm, opened its doors in 1978. Though the garden centre was the majority of the experience during my visit, farming is the largest part of the family’s business. Through years of farming, the family has been committed to providing the highest quality produce at the best price to the public. All of their produce is locally grown.

A local gem so close to home, Sandy’s Farm & Garden Centre is a new staple for both myself and my family. I cannot wait for the summer months when the vast majority of their fruits and vegetable selection will be ready and thriving!

To learn more about the seasons of availability, visit their website.

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