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Roundhouse Farmers Market

Toronto, Ontario

Vaughan, Ontario - February 23rd, 2023 - At this time last year, Christina, our girlfriend and I drove downtown on a Sunday morning to visit the Roundhouse Farmers Market which had been on our list for quite some time. The market runs on Sundays throughout the year from 11am until 3pm, but in desperation to do something fun on a dreary winter morning, we chose to visit the winter market.

We drove to Roundhouse Park and parked at the underground parking off of Lower Simcoe Street, then took the elevator up to the park. The park was decorated nicely for the winter season, so we took a few photos then made our way into the building to shelter from the cold. To be honest, we were pretty underwhelmed by the indoor market - it was not very busy and there were just a few vendors. However, the vendors they did have were great - there was locally grown food options, as well as sweets and coffee. I do anticipate that the summer market will be more lively as it is set outside amidst the great site.

The Roundhouse Farmers Market, presented by Steam Whistle in support of the Toronto Railway Museum brings local Ontario farmers and vendors together to support Ontario agriculture and bring authentic, local and in-season produce and food closer to Toronto residents while driving tourism to the national historic site. The historic John Street Roundhouse was built between 1929 and 1931 by the Canadian Pacific Railway Company and is now home to the Toronto Railway Museum, Steam Whistle and The Rec Room, and is situated at the foot of the CN Tower.

Beginning with a dozen local farmers and vendors, including DeLaTerre Bakery and SoDelish, the market intends to grow as COVID restrictions are lifted in the future. The goal is to offer an abundance of fresh and local food, including honey, gluten-free baked goods, organic produce and meat products, eggs, seasonal vegetables, freshly picked apples, ciders, butter tarts, corn, heirloom garlic and mushrooms.

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