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Round the Bend Farm & Market

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Kettleby, Ontario

Toronto - June 22, 2021 - After my visit to the Aurora Farmers’ Market on that bright Saturday morning, I was not ready to head home just yet. Instead, I decided to hit another farm that has been high on my bucket list: Round the Bend Farm. West of Aurora and north on Jane Street, situated amidst the town of Kettleby, sits an endearing wooden farmhouse surrounded by 30 acres of fields.

The first thing that caught my eye as I entered the site was the family’s name written on the big white sign: the Feddema family. There’s something about knowing that a farm is the love child of an entire family that pulls me in more than usual - not only do I want to explore, but I want to learn more about the farm’s history. On this Saturday morning, the dirt-road parking lot of Round the Bend Farm was filled with cars, and the farm market was bustling with shoppers. On the right of the lot sits three greenhouses, with the market in the centre, and a children’s playland to its left. The market’s exterior was lined with fresh herbs for sale. After sniffing my way around the herb stands, I turned right and entered the market.

The market has such a delightful atmosphere that reminds me of a 90s beach house. The market offers an array of farm-grown vegetables picked directly from their fields every day, from asparagus to cabbage, zucchini, turnips, potatoes, and of course their highly sought after tomatoes (big regrets that I did not pick these up during my visit, therefore, an excuse to go back as soon as possible). The market also has home decor items, sweets and treats, freshly baked pies, honey, oils, eggs, and turkey products.

Round the Bend Farm is a working family farm owned and operated by Brian and Sue, husband and wife of the Feddema family. Both Brian and Sue grew up on farms, and purchased their own farm after graduating from university. Today, the pair along with their five children have become stewards of their land, practicing sustainable farming practices and harvesting truly healthy crops. Their love and passion for growing food shines through both the presence of their farm and the quality of their products.

To learn more about the Feddema family and their special farm located only 18 minutes from my hometown, visit their website.

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