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Rockway Vineyards

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

St. Catharine's

Toronto - January 19th, 2022 - We did it folks! We have finally reached the end of our bachelorette weekend in Niagara-on-the-Lake. On the way to the last stop we discussed, Commisso Estate Winery, I gave the visual of us driving with the windows down and music playing. The intention here was for you to visualize a gorgeous and happy moment, like the ones in the movies when the girl is driving down the PCA in a convertible listing to pop rock. Now for this last stop, I can tell you that the windows were down and the music was playing once again, but this time I want you to envision it differently. For 23 minutes east, the windows were down for the sole purpose of providing air to very nauseous ladies. We were very much in the bag as we reached our final destination: Rockway Vineyards.

Yes, I was in the bag as well. BUT this vineyard was so gorgeous that I still have a very vivid image of what it looked like. We parked our fun-mobile in the lot, and were greeted by an archway as we entered the exterior premises of the vineyard. Beyond the archway was a gorgeous plot of land, home to the winery building, surrounded by a beautiful golf course that was packed with golfers on that warm Saturday in June. We approached the building and were greeted by the woman who was conducting our wine tasting at the outdoor terrace. Now this is where things get a little blurry… All I know is that we loved the wine so much that we each left with a minimum of two bottles. To verify this decision, I actually opened the bottle of Syrah yesterday evening - and my god was it ever delicious.

The Rockway Vineyards golf course opened in 1991 after being built the year prior. The idea to merge a golf course and vineyard was created when Peter Warkentin decided to take his grape farm to a golf, as part of an initiative from the government to fund farmers to move their grapes. The course changed direction from an equity membership course to the semi-private facility it is today. Once the land and vineyard became available, Rockway Winery was created. With the golf course and facility, as well as the vineyard already established, the next step in Rockway's story was to build the winery. After purchasing farm land of approximately 50 acres for the current wine building, the Rockway Vineyards winery became real.

I can’t wait to visit again, next time ensuring I partake in their very highly rated dining experience as well as the famous Rockway wine museum. To learn more about the golf course, winery, or the museum, visit their!

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