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Rock Garden Farms

Caledon, Ontario

Toronto - September 21, 2021 - Rock Garden Farms is a household staple. Every time my partner and I drive to his parents house in Caledon or up North, we MUST stop at Rock Garden whether it be for one of their warm delicious pies or some fresh fruits and vegetables. This past weekend, we went on a camping trip to Collingwood where our GPS did the work for us and casually took us up Airport Road… so you bet we stopped by Rock Garden.

Rock Garden Farms is hard to miss as there is a large, colourful sign at the side of the road. The site where the farm lies is huge, with a market, a family home behind the market, and a massive greenhouse to the left hand side amidst the fields. On a regular day, the vibe of the farm and the market are great. Lucky for me, however, my visit came at the spookiest time of year in which Rock Garden came prepared. On its exterior, the market was decked out in perfectly plump pumpkins of all shapes and sizes, as well as an assortment of fall florals which immediately made me excited to decorate my own home.

Since I have been to the farm before, my goal on this day was to quickly go in and pick up some much needed fruits for our camping weekend. I definitely did not fail on my mission, aside from the timing of course. I took my time walking through the market and drooling over the pies. I also FELL IN LOVE with their seasonal sunflower selection. After my browsing, I ended up walking out with two dozen farm fresh eggs, fresh tomatoes, peppers, hand picked spring mix, freshly kept Ace Bakery buns, and red onions all under $30! Rock Garden has freshly grown and Caledon locally sourced produce on site. Everything in their bakery is also fresh. Yes, I know I forgot pie this time… but I needed a reason to go back this coming weekend!

Rock Garden Farms is a family run country market with strong local values, and has been proudly serving the community for 45 years. Rock Garden Farms was founded in 1988 by Tish & Nick Iuglio. They wanted to continue to supply the community with great fresh food after running Tullamore Market for 20 years. Since then Rock Garden has expanded and is now run by three generations, Tish & Nick, Paul & Margaret and their boys, Anthony, Michael & Stefano.

If you’re ever in the Caledon area or driving north on airport road I highly recommend stopping by this stunning market. In the meantime, check out their website.

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