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Reid’s Potatoes & Farm Market

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Mono, Ontario

Toronto - May 20th, 2021 - Knowing I had to take a drive to Orangeville from my home in Etobicoke, I pre planned to ensure I didn’t miss any farms along the way. This is when I discovered Reid’s Potatoes & Farm Market. Seeing that they were currently open to the public (still a rarity at this time of year), I couldn’t say no to a pit stop (it would be a sin if I did!).

On a gorgeous Tuesday morning last week, I made my way down Highway 9, making a right turn onto 4th Line as I neared my destination. As I approached the organized chaos that was the Reid’s Potatoes & Farm Market sign, I stared down the end of a rural laneway that seemed to go on forever. I turned right into the drive and slowly rumbled down the rocky road (not the ice cream), through the trees, past the small barn-like structures, to finally come face to face with a cute farm house, a barn, and of course, Reid’s Farm Market.

I parked my car, got out, and looked around. I seemed to be the only person in sight until I was approached by a fluffy, black-haired dog who was curious but respectful so as to not come too close. After saying hello to this polite ol’ gentleman, I noticed the eclectic decor that surrounded the parking lot. A flag pole with the Canadian flag blowing in the wind, retro farm decor, and green and red tractors. I then focused in on what was the coolest market I have ever seen.

Fully made of wood, this market was lined with bags of potatoes on its exterior. When you walk through the door, you are engulfed in what feels like a 1980s market filled with all of the farm-fresh products you can dream of from fruits and vegetables, to eggs, honey, jams, quilts, pickles, and pies. Their selection is a combination of products from their farm, and neighboring farms. Towards the back of the small market is a freezer filled with meats from their farm as well. As I explored, I was greeted by a quiet woman who briefly explained the self-service system, then went on her way and left me to my discoveries.

Reid’s Potatoes & Farm Market has been proudly run by the Reid family since 1845 (no, that is not a typo). The farm was purchased in 1845, with the original barn built in 1905, and the house in 1937. The Reid Family presently owns 200 acres and rents another 500 acres of land. From the day it began, the Farm Market operated as self-service.

For the physical experience alone, I would recommend visiting this farm 12 out of 10 times. But considering the quality of the products that I can personally vouge for, namely the potatoes and pork chops, I would recommend it 20 out of 10 times. I will most definitely be back especially once more of their products become in season. Luckily for all of us, however, they also are open all winter to provide a staple of potatoes, eggs, chicken, beef, pork, and various vegetables.

To learn more about the Reid Family history and market, visit their website.

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