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Pure & Simple Farm

Millgrove, Ontario

Vaughan - February 18th, 2022 - After my first stop at Wheelbarrow Orchards on that beautiful Sunday in July, I had planned one more stop before my final destination in Guelph. This next stop is not a farm I have heard of before. For the first time, however, it was the marketing of the farm that really drew me in when I discovered it through my research. I drove west on Highway 401 then south for a few minutes until I reached Middletown Road. Surrounded by trees and some serious greenery, I drove down the road until I approached a very gentle-looking sign that read ‘Pure & Simple Farm’. I made a left into the driveway and drove until I reached the endearing farm market table.

I exited my car and walked towards the table where I was immediately greeted by a lovely young man named Dylan. I complimented Dylan on the beautiful farm and land on which we were standing, then our conversation erupted before we could even begin looking at their products. Apparently, I was one of the first customers at the farm as it was very recently brought to life by his sister who studied agriculture through university. The family is originally from Burlington, but started the farm out of passion (and much knowledge and expertise, obviously). After our chat, I got to explore their table which was filled with the seasonal delights of lettuce, radishes, peppers and berries. To top off the great conversation and beautiful display of produce, the family has a big, fluffy dog that greeted me with love and affection.

Now let’s go back to my comment about the marketing of this farm. If you visit the Pure & Simple website, you will see what I mean. Not only do the soft colours and friendly fonts of their brand capture my eye, but the language used on the website is captivating. Pure & Simple Farm is more than a farm, it is a place that stands for food sovereignty, the land back movement, and creating healing in the community. Acknowledging that the farm is on indigenous lands, the farm honours and treats the land as such. They farm the land so that it will stay as they found it for generations to come. To do so, the family uses indigenous farming practices of crop rotation, inter-cropping, ploy-culture and no-till. In simpler words they focus on earth care, people care and fair share.

Alissa is Pure and Simple Farm's head farmer and operator. With an education in Agriculture from the University of Guelph, a diverse work experience growing a variety of plants, and dedication to improvement, Alissa is gearing up to contribute to a food system for all.

If you are as captivated as I am, be sure to stop by on your drive west!

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