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Peach Country Farm Market

Vineland, Ontario

Toronto - November 18, 2021 - Continuing on our six stop excursion in Vineland / Niagara-on-the-Lake, we drove one minute north of Monteforte Family Farms on Victoria Avenue to our next destination: Peach County Farm Market.

It was by fluke that this stop was so close to our first destination, because it was on my to-do list regardless of proximity. One of my cousins visited the market a few months earlier and absolutely gawked over the peach pie - so there was no way I was passing up the opportunity to visit. We approached the big, peach-shaped sign on the right hand side of the road, and my friend and I had bright eyes as we stared at the incredibly cute aesthetic of this market. There was an old truck sitting amidst the green grass, with the old school yet trendy market sitting directly behind it.

The interior of the market was not fully open (understandable given the time was still in the iffy parts of the pandemic), but the perimeter was lined with wooden stands holding farm goodies. From sweet cherries, to fresh peaches, to homemade fudge, to freshly baked goods, the options for deliciousness were endless. We ended up grabbing a few pies for eating later that evening, which I can confirm were INSANELY GOOD. But we also grab a small snack from their ice cream bar which was just.... Wow.

Peach Country Farm Market is situated on 32 acres of farmland. The owners and family of this farm started farming in 1955. They knew that great tasting fruit needed three things: ideal climate, healthy soil and a talented farmer. And they have all that combined to give you the taste of “Kowality fruit” found only at Peach Country Farm Market.

The farm market is open from July to mid-October, every Wednesday through Sunday. Be sure to swing by on your way to Niagara - you absolutely will not regret it. For more information before your visit, check out their website.

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