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Orangeville Farmers’ Market

Orangeville, Ontario

Toronto - July 8, 2021 - As the calendar struck June, I felt adrenaline flow through my veins as it was officially peak season for farming in Ontario. Early on the first June date of Harvest Hunting, I made my way north up Highway 10 to Orangeville to attend the farmers’ market. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about farmers’ markets thus far is that you should plan your visit earlier to the start time of the market. Or else, you will likely be too late to the party. The early birds definitely get the worm when it comes to farmers’ markets.

The Orangeville Farmers’ Market is located in downtown Orangeville and is home to local growers and product makers. Upon my arrival, with easy street parking downtown, there was already a line out the front gate. However, this gave me enough time to run to the nearby ATM after learning that many vendors are cash only. Once I got what I needed and entered the market, I was enveloped in sounds and smells of happiness. A local artist was sitting on a chair playing a feel good tune, while the vendors circled around the parking lot in a large U-shape. Not only did the market have a variety of local farmers that have been high on my to-visit list, but they also had really unique food product offerings. There are approximately 28 vendors at the market every Saturday and some vendors may change from week to week.

The first vendor that stood out to me was Ontario Honey Creations, a family owned and operated beekeeping business that is dedicated to providing seasonal terroir honey and artisan honey vinegars. I have never seen honey wine or vinegar before, and had a great time learning from the lovely woman behind the booth. I also visited Levendale Farms’ booth and purchased smoked pork chops for dinner later that night. I have no words for how insanely delicious they were, so I shall digress. Not to mention that the woman behind their booth was so friendly and very supportive of her surrounding vendors, making a recommendation of where I should stop next. That’s when I met the lovely gentleman from Spirit Walk Farm (don’t try to look them up, they have no online presence and operate solely through word of mouth and community programs). In talking to this gentleman about the meat he had for sale, I learned a great deal about what it is to farm animals and to work with butchers. He was so open and honest that he even deferred me from purchasing from him that weekend and recommended I come back in a few weeks when he starts working with his preferred butcher again.

Overall, I would definitely recommend visiting the Orangeville Farmers’ Market. To learn more about the market and what vendors will be present in upcoming weekends, visit their website.

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