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Oakville Civitan Farmers Market

Oakville, Ontario

Toronto - August 18, 2021 - Following my first stop to Port Credit Farmers Market, I drove west on Queen Elizabeth Way towards Oakville to visit the Oakville Civitan Farmers Market (also known as the Dorval Crossing Civitan Farmers Market).

Though the Port Credit Farmers Market set the bar high for the day, this market did not fall short whatsoever. I can go on to talk about the same things I usually do, the atmosphere, the traffic flow, the variety of vendors, etc. (which for the record, were all great). However, this market stood out to me especially because of the connection I made with one of the vendors on site. Nature’s Cup is a tea company who sources herbs and makes their own tea as well as tea for other companies who sell under their own brand. Tea is not something I'm typically on the lookout for at a market, but my bag of Costco matcha has been sitting in my cabinet (and I have very little willingness to use it after a few bad experiences), and I have been needing a new matcha powder.

I immediately approached Nature’s Cups booth when I saw it, and was greeted by a lovely Sri Lankan couple. We immediately hit it off and ended up chatting for almost 30 minutes. I came to learn that the couple has been married for 40 years, and that tea is a passion they share and more recently created a business on. In addition to their business, we chatted about life and travel, and the importance of embracing culture. The gentleman of the couple even taught me how to write my name in Sinhala Script - the native language of Sri Lanka. Cool, right? I know. In addition to the matcha tea I bought from Nature’s Cup (which was incredible, by the way), I also purchased delicious apples from a local farm vendor.

So let’s take a quick look at the unique name of this market. Why Dorval Crossing, you ask? Dorval Crossing, a prestigious shopping destination, literally at Oakville's 'crossroads', is the location of the farmers market. How about Civitan? For 36 years, the Civitan Club of Oakville has operated the market, and it is now the longest-running farmers market in town. Civitan Doug Guthrie, who has led the market for 15 years and been responsible for its success, cites the support of Bentall Kennedy's Regional Marketing Director Domenic Imbesi for the Civitan market.

The Oakville Civitan Farmers Market is open Saturdays from 8:00am to 2:00pm until November 28th - so you have plenty of time to visit! For more information, be sure to visit the market website.

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