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Niemi Family Farm

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Mount Albert, Ontario

Toronto - June 15th, 2021 - It was the morning of Victoria Day as I drove down Highway 48 through Mount Albert. Before I digress, I must ask if you have ever driven in or through Mount Albert. If your answer is no, then I recommend you slot it into your calendar during your next free, sunny morning. You will experience long roads with nothing but land surrounding you and sun shining through your windshield, and will discover small and scattered pockets of the cutest homes. Personally, as a suburban/urbanite, I could feel the small town/cottage-like charm and fell completely in love.

And now for my bit about Niemi Family Farm; in which I don’t even know where to begin. I turned left off of Highway 48 into the driveway where the large white sign sits in clear sight from the road. I parked my car in one of the parking spots on the (somehow) elegant dirt lot, and made my way towards the front of the outdoor market. The entrance is distinguished by a charming wood arch that gives you a feel of what the market experience is going to be like. Upon entering there were rows of plants and flowers available for sale and I was immediately captured. I walked through the first row and my ears immediately peaked as I heard the serene sound of instrumental music playing. As I continued to walk the rows of greenery, the music grew louder yet more calming. As I continued, I realized that the music was playing throughout the entire market. I didn’t notice I was smiling to myself until I was engaged by a kind stranger with a smile and a hello, which was an absolutely delightful change in the somewhat stranger-less world we have been living in. After completing my walk through the greenery, I hooked a right into the remainder of the market.

Niemi’s is lined with different stations highlighted by individual sheds coloured in bright and cheery paint; each one dedicated to a different theme. These themes include a Gardener’s Shop, a Local Boutique selling locally made goods, a Bakery with products made directly on their farm, as well as a Cold Food station lined with meat and other products from local vendors. My excitement gave me know choice but to explore each and every station, taking my time with that smile still on my face (truly, I could have done that for hours). As I walked by the Bakery, my nose led me directly to the counter where I was greeted by one of the daughters of the Niemi family. She helped me with my selection of bread and explained to me how the Bakery was a product of her sister and mother’s skill and passion. I also picked up frozen samosas that were made at nearby NB Bakery (absolutely to die for). As I completed my journey through the market, I cashed out with the help of one of the sons of the family who was equally as kind, soft spoken, and friendly as his sister who I just spoke to.

The Niemi Family Farm grows and sells annuals, perennials, herbs, vegetable plants, vegetables, shrubs and trees. In addition to their farm-baked bread and goods that they also sell at the market, they sell an array of locally sourced goods as I mentioned above. Above the quality of what they sell, I must say that the experience I got from this farm as a whole is the reason that I love what I do. It was truly one of the most beautiful markets I have ever seen; and they sincerely did not skip a beat when it comes to the atmosphere that they created. I was also delighted to learn that the farm hosts the Mount Albert Farmers’ Market every Saturday from June to October, giving me an excuse to return ASAP (not that I needed one at all).

If and when you decide to visit this farm, you can learn more about the Niemi family ahead of your trip by visiting their website.

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