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Murphy's Law + Pizza & Beer Garden

Toronto, Ontario

Toronto - August 25, 2021 - We all have that one friend that endlessly tags us in contests on Instagram. You wake up every morning knowing that you’ll have ten notifications, each an entry into a random contest to go eat at some fancy restaurant or to go on a wine tour in PEC. Well, MY FRIEND WON!

My beautiful friend won a night on the town at Murphy’s Law in the beaches. Murphy’s Law is an east end staple. The restaurant offers the typical bar assortments, but as of this summer they decided to spice it up and open a pizza and beer garden. Two of my favourite things in an outdoor setting…this sounds like heaven. The contest offered the winner one round of drinks, four pizza’s and two salads to share with four friends.

The night started off with some pre drinks at our friend’s apartment overlooking downtown Toronto. After a few drinks we decided to head over to Murphy’s Law to claim the well-deserved prize. Murphy’s Law is located on Kington Road and Queen Street East. It is home to four patio spaces and indoor dining on various floors. The bar is an old Toronto home that was converted into a restaurant over the years. Only one word could describe this place and that is COOL. Murphy’s Law is very cool. The environment is relaxed yet still carries the feeling of being in a bustling downtown bar, except with a rustic/hipster edge. Our hostess brought us to the rooftop for a round of cocktails on the house - we decided on the Orange Blossom Sangria which was essentially Murphy’s twist on Red Sangria. We also tried the Empress Spritz, which was a mixture of Empress 1908 Gin, St. Germain elderflower, honey maple syrup and soda water. How could we say no to anything elderflower? The drinks weren't very strong BUT they were the refreshing touch we needed especially in the sunset heat of Toronto.

As a part of the prize, the manager at Murphy's gave us a polaroid camera to document our night (which casually kept up with how cool this place is). After a few silly photos we made our way down the Pizza Garden (and the Beaches ONLY pizza garden). I’ll just preface this by saying that I was 100% fantasizing about a Willy Wanka-esque literal Pizza Garden with giant pizza flowers and an endless river of sugo. A girl can dream…

The Pizza Garden was everything it needed to be…cool. We walked into a massive outdoor patio with classic picnic benches and string lights. The pizza was freshly made on sight and the bar was stocked with patio essentials like local IPAS and White Claw (however, if you're looking for beer on tap, this isn't the place for you). We ordered a classic Caesar salad and a house salad to start which made me feel a lot better about the four pizzas we were about to devour. The salads were perfectly dressed and tasted great. Now for the grand finale! The pizzas!!

We had the opportunity to have four freshly made pizzas on the house. Our top picks were the classic Margherita, Angry Bee (Spicy Calabrese salami and honey), The Godfather (meat lovers: pepperoni, bacon and ham) and of course the Tartufo (truffle, mushrooms and bacon). I’m no food blogger but Murphy’s definitely knows how to make some good pizza.

Though Murphy's Law has a cool atmosphere, the Pizza Garden definitely stole the show. The Pizza Garden is open 7 days a week from 4pm-10pm. Pop by for a slice next time you’re on the east end.

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