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Montgomery's Inn Farmers Market

Etobicoke, Ontario

Toronto - September 3,2021 - One Wednesday afternoon in August, I had some spare time in a day full of meetings so decided to visit my friendly neighborhood farmers market (yes, a long drive isn’t ALWAYS required though you know I love me one). Therefore, I drove two-minutes to the Islington Avenue and Dundas Street West intersection to visit the Montgomery’s Inn Farmers Market.

I arrived a few minutes before the start of the market at 2:00pm, and there was a line up at the entrance. Giving me a few minutes to do some people watching, I was able to recognize the local crowd that joined me on that Wednesday afternoon. Not one of the seven people ahead of me looked like a first timer at the market - they were each equipped with their reusable shopping bags with cash in hand. At 2:01pm, the market greeter let us in.

The market is set up in a large circle on the grass at Montgomery’s Inn. However, it was definitely one of the smaller markets I have seen. Vendors that day included an oil vineyard, a bakery, and a small farm selling greens and herbs. One very unique vendor I came across was a farm that sells meat from water buffalo - so of course with my peaked interest, I purchased ground water buffalo meat (we’ll see if my boyfriend notices the difference in taste next time I make tacos).

I wouldn’t say that the Montgomery’s Inn Farmers Market is one to go out of your way to visit, however, if you are in the area on a Wednesday pop by and pay them a visit. The market is open year round! You can also check out the virtual farmers market to pre-order your favourite treats from Friday to Monday of each week and pick them up on Wednesday during regular market hours.

For more information, visit the farmers market website.

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