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Monteforte Family Farms

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

Vineland, Ontario

Toronto - October 15, 2021 - It was mid-June and the much anticipated bachelorette weekend for one of my girlfriends had finally arrived. And because it was a surprise bachelorette weekend, my co-maid-of-honour and I made our way to Niagara on the Lake earlier than the rest of the crew to get a head start on decorations and preparations. And of course, I planned a couple of pit stops for us to make on the way.

Not including the pit stop for lunch that we made at Barrel Head Patio (attached to Pilliteri Winery), we visited six different farms. I know this sounds like a lot, but the beauty about Vineland and Niagara-on-the-Lake is that most farms are neighbours with one another. The six stops took us a total of 45 minutes TOPS. The first of these six stops was Monteforte Family Farms.

Located right off of Queen Elizabeth Way on Victoria Avenue, this farm is hard to miss. There is a large sign and an endearing produce stand at the corner of the road, with sprawling fields behind that belong to the Monteforte family. On these fields, the family grows seasonal fruits and vegetables to sell, along with the honey and pure maple syrup they offer at their stand. My favourite part of this visit was the upbeat, almost-blaring music the family plays amidst the parking lot for incoming and going customers. The vibes really got me in the mood for some Harvest Hunting.

This particular Friday morning was very busy. The most impressive part? They were busy and they don't even have a website! That's when we know that this place is a local gem. Be sure to make a pitstop on your next trip to the land of the vines (aka my personal heaven).

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