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Mono Farm

Mono, Ontario

Toronto - July 19, 2021 - After my adventures in Orangeville to the farmers’ market and to Am Braigh Farm, I took Airport Road south towards home. Driving with no intention to stop on the way, I spotted a large white sign at the edge of a driveway boasting a large, handwritten font in bright blue. There was something so curious about the sign that I drove past it to get a better look, then promptly made a U-turn and headed back towards it.

Turning left into the driveway, I was greeted by a large suburban-looking home with an open garage and a blue tent set amongst the driveway. In the garage and under the tenant lay a display of items for sale. I was the only person in sight until a small woman came out from the home to introduce herself. As both the mother of the family and one of the owners of the farm, the woman showed me the selection of farm grown herbs, eggs and homemade preservatives. After a few minutes of conversation, she invited me to walk with her around the back of her home to see the farm. If you have ever visited a family farm, you know that families are quite private for the most part. So, I was both shocked and delighted that she wanted to share this with me, and there was no way I could I say no to such an exclusive offer! The two of us then walked to the back where there lay acres of land before us.

As we walked towards the greenhouses lining the far end of the family’s land, I was confronted by chickens who were happily running free around the yard. As I leaned down to take photos of my new friends up close and personally, the woman’s husband entered the backyard from their home. The gentleman was so friendly, introducing himself and welcoming me to their farm from the get go. The three of us then walked around and the gentleman acted as tour guide. Not only did I learn more about their family of five who runs the farm, but I also received details about the farm itself. The family specializes in vegetables and eggs, and is committed to growing produce and raising animals naturally and chemical free. He also told me a story from a few weeks before, when an unexpected frost set in (remember that random frost storm in the GTA in May!?). Because they raise their crops so naturally, and many outside of the greenhouses, the family took six hours in the middle of the night to cover each and every plant with its own small pot to protect it from the cold. Now that, my friends, is dedication.

Our tour wrapped up and I purchased a dozen eggs from the couple before I departed. I thanked the couple for their brief yet fulfilling hospitality, and will never forget the gentleman's final parting words. “Thank you for coming to visit! We are very lucky to do what we do. When you have water and you grow your own food, you truly live like a king.” And I will leave that there for you to ponder.

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