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Molly’s Market Farmers’ Market

King City, Ontario

Vaughan - June 30th, 2022 - So first of all, if you have never been to Molly’s Market, please stop what you are doing and get in your car. The market is at the corner of King Road and Keele Street, so put the pedal to the metal, purchase her cookies and Nanaimo bars, eat them, then come back here. Then we can talk.

Ready? Ok great. So on top of Molly’s Market being a real Authentic Agent (a marketplace that is true to quality, natural foods, sugar, spice and everything nice… ha!), Molly (the founder and owner) expanded her services to include a Saturday Farmers’ Market! The site of Molly’s Market is absolutely perfect for a market, with a quaint, private backyard perfect for 10-12 vendors. Upon arrival on the first glorious Saturday of the market's existence, my two girlfriends and I said hi to Molly herself (she’s actually a friend of mine!), then went into her store first to grab the cookies we had been thinking about all morning. Following a few purchases inside, we went back outside and rounded the corner to the Farmers’ Market. We chatted with the vendors, all set up across the grass in the backyard, and enjoyed the peaceful buzz of locals doing the same around us. One vendor in particular that stood out to me was Soulful Tea Blends - a local business in King City. Ashleigh from Soulful walked me through her tea offerings, and I was absolutely enthralled with the flavours and effects of each tea. I even got to taste one of her teas (on ice, YUM) and fell in love with the flavour.

Before attending the Farmers’ Market, my girlfriends and I went on a two hour walk around King City - so this next part will make sense to you. We were absolutely PARCHED by the end of the day’s adventure, so could not turn down a smoothie from Molly’s Market! Molly recently opened her walk-thru window where she serves coffees, smoothies, and ice cream! Even when it is not a Farmers’ Market day, I would absolutely recommend locals to stop by on a hot summer night for an icecream, and sit amidst Molly’s beautiful backyard (outfitted with lights and all!).

Though small, I am SO excited for this summer at Molly's Market Farmers’ Market. She will have new vendors throughout the summer, so make sure to visit her website for more information before your visit. Every Saturday from 9am until 2pm, May to September 17th. Locals, be there or be square.

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