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Maskeen Farms

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

Surrey, British Columbia

Toronto - January 24th, 2022 - So far on our journey together as Harvest Hunters, we have explored Ontario from east to west. We have also dabbled very briefly in Europe recounting my time abroad. However, we have yet to explore west of Ontario, but today this all changes. Recounting my trip to Whistler and Vancouver this past July, I am excited to showcase our first west coast farm: Maskeen Farms.

Eight minutes from South Surrey, I drove east on 32 Avenue then north on 168 Street, completely enveloped by rolling farmlands on either sides of me. As I approached 40 Street, I noticed a large sign reading Maskeen Farms on my left hand side, so I knew I had made it to my destination (obviously I researched my destinations beforehand). Early that Monday morning, the large parking lot at Maskeen was quiet, giving me the opportunity to appreciate the two gorgeous homes sitting upon the farmland. As I parked my (rental) car and stepped out, my first order of business was to say hello to the gorgeous horse trotting around on the left hand side. I then made my way over to the farm stand where I was greeted by a lovely young man who showed me the two varieties of blueberries they had in store.

Maskeen Farms is a family owned and operated farm that offers Surrey residents and surrounding communities freshly hand picked blueberries. Maskeen Farms was established in 2010 as the family was pursuing their passion for agriculture - a passion which is deeply rooted in their family and Punjabi culture. Because I was just visiting, I didn't have the opportunity to purchase blueberries myself. However, if you live in close proximity to Surrey and adore a nice blueberry (or 100), take a drive around Surrey. I noticed a TON of ‘Fresh Blueberries’ signs in the area. And don't forget to visit Maskeen Farms on the way!

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