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Marques Family Farm

Newmarket, Ontario

Toronto - June 29, 2021 - On the last Sunday in May, I was scheduled to finally visit my dear friend's new home in Bradford, Ontario. But as I’m sure you know, I can’t take any sort of drive without scoping the scene for nearby farms and markets. Upon my research, I came across a family farm in Newmarket. Jessica was more than thrilled to join me for a quick adventure, so on that Sunday morning around 11:00am we drove north on Dufferin Street and made a right onto King Street towards Marques Family Farm.

The big red barn that is the Marques Family Farm market stands tall and proud down the long road of farmlands - an absolutely beautiful drive on a bright and sunny day. Upon our arrival, we were lucky to be one of the firsts at the market (which quickly changed, with a line out the door by the time we departed). The curb appeal of the farm is endearing, with the big red barn, a small red tractor, and plants and flowers for sale. However, the inside is most definitely something to write home about.

Upon entering the market, I was transformed into a time warp. You could feel that there was a story laying behind the barn walls. The walls are lined with antique barn board, which were the original walls when the barn was built back in the 1960s. The shelving is also built with wood, giving an overall rustic feel to the space. The market contains rows of products for sale that add bright colours yet another layer of warmth to the space. The market offers fresh fruits and vegetables from both their farm and surrounding farms, as well as baked goods, pantry products, dairy and eggs, meats, soups and jars, preserves, and bread.

Marques Family Farm started with a man and a dream back in the 1960s when Rob’s grandfather decided to buy a farm. His grandfather moved his family to Canada from Portugal, and worked a few jobs before starting his farm, including working for a family who is still farming in the area today! The red barn that houses the market was once a white house, which was first transformed into a chicken coop, then into the barn it is today. Now, Rob and his wife Shannon, along with their three children, run the successful family farm.

Situated within the GTA, Marques Family Farm is high on my recommendation list. Take a drive this summer to visit them, and join the community of local shoppers who shop with them religiously. And if you live within the Innisfil to Schomberg area, you can order their products for delivery!

For more information, visit the Marques Family Farm website.

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