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Malhi Farm

Caledon, Ontario

Toronto - August 5, 2021 - If you have ever driven through Caledon, you know that every road is its own gorgeous adventure, lined with sprawling fields and stunning homes and farms. This is no different for Humber Station Road where Malhi Farm is situated. Driving north on this road, you can see the large Malhi Farm banner hung across the farm’s entrance gate. Easily spotted up ahead, I made a right into the driveway upon my arrival on a lovely morning in May.

On the land, the Malhi family has their home situated to the right of the entrance, with parking at the rear beside their fields. On the left hand side sits their market. With one main building and surrounding smaller green houses, the market has a very authentic look to it. On its exterior, there is not much on display, but on the inside there are rows and rows of flowers and plants exuding an array of colours and scents. As I entered, I was greeted by two kind gentlemen that I can assume are members of the Malhi family. There was also the sound of the family’s Bali music playing throughout the market.

As I walked the rows, I noticed a large selection of different plants. There were over 60 different vegetable and fruit plants, over 20 different flowers and herbs, and premium quality soils. I even noticed plants I have never seen before that I assume are native to the family’s culture. Because I visited in the early season, I unfortunately did not get to see the fresh produce and honey that they offer at their market in the summer - all of which are grown and made right on their farm.

Malhi Farm’s first priority is offering the best plants and most organic soils to their customers, to help them eat farm fresh every single day. If you are in the area, and are working on your home garden, pop by for a visit. For more information, visit the Malhi Farm website.

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