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Leahy’s Farm & Market

Apsley, Ontario

Vaughan - March 11th, 2022 - My girlfriend recently bought a cottage in Buckhorn, Ontario, and invited the girls up for a little girls week this past August. Though the drive was almost three hours, I was completely enticed by the number of farms and markets present in the local community. Through my research before the trip, I found one spot that became a must-go-to (and I made this very clear to the girls). So, on a (hungover) Tuesday afternoon we drove 20 minutes north adjacent to Kawartha Highlands Provincial Park until we reached Leahy’s Farm & Market.

The drive to the farm was beautiful, but I did not expect to be standing at the end of a beautiful hill overlooking the valley when we got to the farm. Before we made our way into the market, we walked the perimeter and took in the breathtaking views. As the parking lot filled up behind us, we took a few photos, then made our way into the market to gather some goods. The market is a large, covered, yet outdoor space with rows of fresh produce, meats, baked goods, and other local products. The girls and I were in complete awe as we browsed and filled our baskets like kids in a candy store. I even got some kombucha (which you know is the ultimate win for me).

With the items we purchased, we went back to the cottage and cooked up a storm. The end result, in addition to the incredible atmosphere of the farm, is part of the reason Leahy’s landed in my Top 5 Farms of 2021 list.

Leahy’s Farm & Market has been around for 45 years, providing families with the highest-quality fruits and vegetables, fresh-baked goods, beef, and so much more! Located just outside the village of Lakefield, Ontario, the farm is open from May through to the end of October. A must-try for those within 40 minutes. Before your visit, check out their website for fun events and activities at the farm, like a corn maze, pumpkin patch, live music, pop-up markets with local producers, and more!

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