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Konzelmann Estate Winery

Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario

Vaughan - August 24th, 2022 - On a Monday afternoon in early June, after a night at the Pillar & Post Inn in NOTL, my partner and I wanted to stop at a winery before heading home later that afternoon. For some reason, I had a ticket for two complimentary wine tastings at Konzelmann Estate Winery in my wallet - so we decided to take advantage!

Leaving the inn, we drove west on Lakeshore Road for 7 minutes until we saw the European-inspired, castle-like mansion on the right hand side of the road. We turned into the Konzelmann parking lot where there were a few other cars parked, and a group of people sitting outdoors on the Spring Sips patio sitting amidst the lot. It was a gorgeous day, with a slight breeze and shining sun, so we walked around and peered over the raised platform at the acres of vineyard before us. Beyond the vineyards, you can see the lake which adds such a gorgeous touch to the atmosphere of the vineyard. After a few moments admiring our surroundings, we made our way indoors for our tasting. Our tasting experience included a selection of wines - I personally really enjoyed their peach wine (and still regret not purchasing it).

Konzelmann is Niagara’s only lakefront winery, located on the shores of Lake Ontario. The Winery began in the small German town of Uhlbach, near the turn of the 19th century. A restauranteur named Friederich Konzelmann left the culinary trade to pursue the craft of winemaking. Bolstered from previous success in producing house wines for his restaurants, Friederich officially released his first vintage to the public in 1893. By 1984 the Konzelmann family immigrated to Canada, purchased a lakefront peach orchard, and the rest they say, is history. He would eventually produce 200,000 liters of excellent wine per year from an array of Germany’s celebrated aromatic varietals.

From reading up on the vineyard, I see they also do group tastings, and specialized tastings for things like junk food and chocolate. I would love to go back to try one of these, as well as hangout in their Lakefront Lounge. Before your visit, check out their website for more info.

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