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Hi Berry Farm

Port Elgin, Ontario

Vaughan - July 19th, 2022 - My girlfriends and I took an overnight girls’ trip to Southampton, Ontario. I could write a whole other blog about Southampton, because after 24 hours I was completely obsessed. Southampton has just about everything you need for a beach vacation: a beautiful beach, the cutest downtown strip, great restaurants, friendly neighbors, and unreal accommodation options. But I must digress, to talk about the Harvest Honourable I visited during this trip.

On the way home after those glorious 24 hours, we drove about a few minutes south on High Street to Hi Berry Farm. In the last minute of the drive, the views of a small town turned into farmland and on the right hand side we spotted a cute, yellow barn amidst fields of green. There was a small parking lot filled with cars, so we pulled in, parked, and walked towards the green tent beside the yellow barn. Inside the tent is the Hi Berry Farm store, the one place where you will find Hi Berry Farm products; whether it's the produce, or the other products that they sell.

At Hi Berry Farm, they only sell what they grow - they plant and harvest all of the fruits and vegetables found in the store. There are 40 different crops featured on 300 acres of farmland filled with sandy loam soil that is perfect for producing top quality fruits and vegetables. Owners Alison and Luke Charbonnea and their team have done an amazing job keeping their business truly local.

If you are in Southampton and need some groceries for your cottage rental, or want to pick up a few items on your way home, stop by Hi Berry Farm to get what’s in season. You can visit their website for more info beforehand!

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