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Hamilton Farmers’ Market

Hamilton, Ontario

Toronto - September 28, 2021 - Stop number three on my tour of Western Ontario was one that had been on my list for a while. I saw the big sign for this market a while back while in Hamilton for dinner and was always curious to understand what it was all about. Why so curious? Because the big Hamilton Farmers’ Market sign is posted on a concrete sidewalk, outside of a glass building. Not the typical setting for a market, I would say. Before my visit, I did some research to find out that this farmers market operated year round. I also browsed some photos, which truly do not do the place justice. And let me explain to you why.

Let me start with my arrival. Very unfamiliar to the Harvest Hunters, I drove down a downtown street scouring for parking as I arrived at the building. There was a surface level parking lot across the street in which I found a spot and parked (and paid). HOWEVER, to my dismay, I noticed on my walk from the car that there is actually complementary parking in an above-grade garage directly across the street from the market, So please, learn from my mistakes when you make your own visit. As I walked into the market (which takes up the entirety of its building), I was shocked by the swarms of people I totally could not see from outside. As you walk in, you are confronted with the dynamics of the two level market which operates in one direction, flowing traffic brilliantly through the space. The market has a very St. Jacobs-y vibe, with vendors lined up from wall to wall and row by row, and the volume of voices making any particular conversation indistinguishable. It almost also felt like an old town market where vendors and shoppers are bartering for the best prices.

The Hamilton Farmers’ Market was established in 1837 and is overseen by the City of Hamilton. It is open year-round on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays. The market building is located in the heart of downtown Hamilton beside Jackson Square and the Hamilton Public Library (Central Branch). The Hamilton Farmers’ Market is one of Hamilton’s oldest and most cherished traditions.

The market comprises over 50 vendors, made up of small and independent businesses. The selection includes artisans, bakeries and cafes, cheese and deli, florists, grocery and prepared foods, meat, poultry and eggs, produce, and of course, seafood. This truly is a one-stop shop, however, give yourself some time as you will not want to rush your exploration here.

For more information before your visit, visit the Hamilton Farmers’ Market website.

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