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Glen Echo Nurseries

Caledon, Ontario

Toronto - August 13, 2021 - This next stop on my adventure was another one that was unplanned. Driving north from Caledon to Orangeville, I spotted a large sign down the road and a driveway busy with cars pulling in and out. As I approached the sign, I quickly pulled into the driveway of Glen Echo Nurseries.

Glen Echo Nurseries, to my definition, is a gardeners and/or cottage-goers paradise. At the front of the busy parking lot, there are stones and landscape decor available for purchase. As you walk towards the front of the market/store, you can see that there is much more that the garden centre has to offer. The outside of the market is lined with bags of gardening soil, while the left side showcases rows of plants and flowers. As I walked inside, I was shocked to see that what was on the outside didn’t compare to the wonderland on the inside of the market.

Immediately as you enter the market, there are more rows of gorgeous flowers and plants, with pots and garden decor. The market also has a gift shop portion that boasts home decor, indoor plants, and even clothing and bags. This portion of the market seriously sent my head directly to cottage country. I could picture it right there and then, my own cottage decked out with the cutest country-chic decor. Ok, I digress. On the right side of the market, and on the exterior, there are rows of trees and herbs for sale as well.

Glen Echo Nurseries is a family owned and operated garden centre that has been around for 40 years . The business started with two men and has grown to one of the premier garden centres in Ontario, and is situated on over 35 acres. For more information on how they can help you build your garden paradise, visit the Glen Echo Nurseries website.

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