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Fernwood Farms & Market

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Stayner, Ontario

Toronto - April 29th, 2021 - It’s a Sunday morning on a hot summer day in August, and you and the girl friends are packing up after a girls weekend in cottage country. You’re tired (from the whole staying up all night, drinking rose, and singing to each other thing), hungry, and itching for a shower and your bed. With no where but home in mind, you pile in the car, put your music on shuffle, and hit the road.

Just as you regret not stopping for food before you left the town, you spot a wooden sign from down the road. Both curious and hoping to find something to eat, you approach the sign and turn into the oncoming parking lot. To your delight, the sign reads Fernwood Farms and Market.

With two sleeping beauties in the back seat, myself and one of my girl friends got to know this roadside market very well for the next half hour. What was supposed to be a curiosity stop became a full fledged grocery run. From the fresh free run eggs to the home grown fruits and vegetables, Fernwood Farms has it all. The strawberries are juicy and sweet, and their selection of sausage and bacon are incredible (personally, I brought them home and froze them, and the taste was still phenomenal weeks later). It’s also hard to forget their pies (one of which was demolished by the two in the backseat of the car on the way home). The market also sells products from external vendors, but I recommend sticking to the items true to their brand for the ultimate experience.

An easy stop on your way back to the city from Barrie - check it out!

Visit the Fernwood Farms & Market website to learn more.

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