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Elizabeth's Greenhouses

Vineland, Ontario

Toronto - December 6, 2021 - Through the first couple of stops of our Vineland adventure, we spotted a small white sign and cute white-coloured home lining Victoria Avenue. At the time, we did not stop. However, on route to our last planned destination, we passed by that same sign and decided to pull into the drive. So yes, our stop at Elizabeth’s Greenhouses was not planned, but we are happy to have had the experience as one of six stops.

On that particular Friday, the scene was quite quiet. However, this quietness allowed for us to really focus in on the rows of gorgeous flowers that lined the driveway. On the right hand side of the driveway was where the white-coloured house was situated. And just beyond that, was a small barn-like structure that has direct access from the driveway. As we walked towards the structure, we realized that it was a self-serve market where Elizabeth (or the people who make up Elizabeth’s Greenhouses) sell their fresh produce.

After browsing the small market, we continued walking towards the back of the site towards the infamous greenhouses. At this point, we were surprised by a young man who appeared from one of the greenhouses - not surprised that he asked us not to walk further as we were on private property, but surprised at how quiet he was. My imagination tells me he was completely in the zone caring for whichever plants were growing in that particular greenhouse.

Elizabeth's Greenhouses is a family run garden centre and farm market. They sell hanging baskets, planters and wall bags, as well as fresh produce and free run eggs. The perfect spot for locals to get their flowers for their homes! Stop by on your drive down Victoria Avenue, but don't try finding their website - because there isn’t one!

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