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East York Farmers’ Market

Toronto, Ontario

Toronto - October 25, 2021 - Growing up on the west end of the suburbs and practically living within those coordinates my whole life, traveling east has always been an adventure. From visiting ‘Greek Town’ on the Danforth with my family when I was young, to travelling 2.5 hours east to my university town of Kingston, Ontario. Needless to say, I have a sort of affinity for the east end as it always brings me the warm and fuzzies. That’s why I was exceptionally excited to visit the East York Farmers’ Market.

On a sunshiny Tuesday afternoon, I traveled north on the Don Valley Parkways towards Don Mills Road and O’Connor Drive. A few turns later, I entered the parking lot of the East York Farmers' Market. After I parked my car and walked towards the market, I automatically noticed a difference between this market and many others I have visited that fall on the lands of a community centre. Instead of being situated in a parking lot, the market was set up in a nicely landscaped area with great exposure from both the parking lot and the main road. It’s placement gave it a very clean and put-together vibe. Vendors were set up in rows, with arrows directing traffic one way. This isn’t always my favourite since I like to browse at my own leisure and in my own direction - but I understand this needs to be done given the current circumstances. Anyways, I digress.

Vendors at the market included farms, bakeries, a few artisans, and some Cuisine Creators (if you don’t know what this term means by now, you need to do your homework!!). Though the entire market was busy, the biggest crowd was drawn to the smoothie station. An absolutely excellent offering for the dead of summer - did I mention that in addition to the shining sun, it was FUEGO out there!

If you are in the city, the East York Farmers’ Market is a great opportunity to step outside of the downtown core and experience a community market in a great location. But if you’re looking for more details before your visit - don’t bother. This market has gone old school with no website! Their social accounts are reliable though, so give them a follow!

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