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Downtown Georgetown Farmers’ Market

Georgetown, Ontario

Vaughan - June 1st, 2022 - It was a Saturday in early October, and the market season was turning the corner to its last lap (sorry, I’ve been watching a lot of F1). There was one market on my list that I hadn’t yet visited, so I hopped in my car and traveled north west towards Georgetown. To be honest, until that day I had no idea where Georgetown was - but boy am I glad I do now.

I arrived at the Georgetown Farmers Market and parked in a small lot down the road. Parking was limited and the streets were filled with market goers going to and from their cars. Before I talk about the market, I want to say that Georgetown is one of the cutest, little towns I have yet to see in Ontario. The downtown strip has a lot of characters, and the locals are so damn lovely. A short stroll down the road where I parked, I finally entered the Downtown Georgetown Farmers’ Market. The market was set up down Main Street, with a multitude of vendors and the local street shops with open doors to the public. Through these vendors, there was an incredible selection of farm-fresh, never-refrigerated, warm-from-the-fields Ontario produce, local honey, syrup and jams, deli meat items, hand-made botanical soaps and lotions, artisans, flowers and plants. The market also had crafters and local community groups present on site.

Established in 1993, the Downtown Georgetown BIA is a proud host of the Georgetown Farmers' Market. Showcasing only Ontario produce and locally crafted goods as a producer based market 70% of produce from each vendor must be from their own establishment (love this fact!).

The market runs every Saturday between 8:00AM and 12:30PM from June 4th, to October 15th. So get ready for opening day this coming Saturday! Check out there website before your visit for more information.

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