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DeBackere Farm Market

Union, Ontario

Toronto - November 7, 2021 - On a sunny Saturday morning in June, my friends and I hopped into my SUV and set sail south for our much anticipated beach day. Two hours later, we landed on Port Stanley Beach with our beach blankets, snacks, and chilled wine ready to seize both the day and the sun. Though the air was a bit thicker and the sky was a bit foggier than anticipated, we still got in a full day followed by a great meal at one of the Port Stanley beach bars. Acknowledging the long drive home, we wrapped up at the beach day by 4:00pm.

As we drove north up Sunset Drive towards the St. Thomas Expressway, we approached a farmhouse-looking building to our right. The big white sign by the side of the road read ‘Open. Peppers. Tomatoes, Cukes, Asparagus. Strawberries.’ making it extremely evident that it was definitely a farm market, and that we were definitely going to make a pit stop. So we made a right into the parking lot of DeBackere Farm Market.

The market was nearing closing time, so it wasn’t very busy. But this gave us the perfect opportunity to browse at our leisure. The grand, wooden interior gave a very cottagey feel to the market, complementary to the beach day we just had. The interior offers fresh produce from the acres of land the market sits upon, fresh baked goods, meats, and even soaps and other local goods. My friends and I could not resist the look of those butter tarts, so picked up a couple for the ride home.

DeBackere Farm Market is a family owned and operated farm market that takes great pride and pleasure in providing the freshest local produce. This is a great stop on your way to the beach or on your way home. And Port Stanley? Well this town is an absolute MUST visit next summer - acting as the perfect vacation spot right here in Ontario. For more information, on the farm market, visit the website.

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