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Commisso Estate Winery

Beamsville, Ontario

Toronto - January 12th, 2022 - We’re almost coming to a close with spotlighting stops from our Bachelorette weekend in the Niagara region. This didn’t happen on purpose, but the weekend was not only an absolute blast, but a FABULOUS content time for the Harvest Hunters (as you can see). We last spoke about Cornerstone Estate Winery as the first of three wineries that we visited on day two of our trip. From there, we travelled south in our fun-mobile, then headed west on King Street towards Thirty Road. Not surprisingly, this stretch of road that we covered to our next stop was yet another gorgeous stretch of greenery and orchards. With windows down and music playing, we found ourselves approaching another winery about 12 minutes later: Commisso Estate Winery.

Commisso Estate Winery had a very different look and feel than Cornerstone, both uniquely brilliant. Cornerstone was quaint, while Commisso’s felt a bit more grand, with a gorgeous landscaped yard that led to the wine tasting tent. When we got out of our car, we slowly walked through the yard, admiring the flowers and colours bursting to life down the pathway. At the tent, we were greeted by Lianne, manager of the estate. Lianne walked us through a tasting (from what I can remember) of an array of INCREDIBLE wines from reds to roses. She also served us a (much needed) charcuterie board to pair with the tastings (though slight intoxication drove us to eat it like savages).

During our visit, we also learned a bit about the vineyard. Commisso Estate Winery is owned by the Commisso family, who come from a long line of food and drink enthusiasts. We couldn't bare to walk away from this place without purchasing a few bottles - so I got an incredible Chardonnay and a Rosso.

What I love most about this trip is that we discovered that not all of the best vineyards are in Niagara-on-the-Lake. So create an itinerary and spend a day in Vineland / Beamsville - you won’t be sorry. Be sure to add Commisso Estate Winery to the list, and book your tasting via their website.

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