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Cherry Lane

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

Vineland, Ontario

Toronto - December 3, 2021 - At this point, we had made it through half of our destinations on that beautiful Friday in June. On our way to the next stop (right on brand), we traveled a whopping three minutes down Victoria Avenue to get to Cherry Lane.

From the get go, Cherry Lane was unique from the other stops we had made that day. With a large, modern sign sitting by the street, and a long driveway leading through the fields, we drove our car slowly down the way and took in what seemed like endless fields of fruit trees (400 acres to be exact). We continued to drive until we reached two large, black barns with little to no signage (which I now know were the cherry and peach processing plants). As we hovered by the second building, a gentleman poked his head out from behind the barn door and kindly pointed to the right toward the Cherry Lane retail store.

The quaint retail store (more like a small market) was decorated with lovely branded Muskoka chairs out front, and a big Open sign in the window inviting us in. The store was small, but was modern and had a gorgeous display of Cherry Lane products and some other items from local farms. There was a lovely woman behind the counter who greeted us and walked us through the variety of products before our eyes: from their famous cherry juice, to cherry granola and even cherry dog treats. After some exploring, I landed on some cherry granola to add to my morning parfaits!

Cherry Lane farm has been around since 1907! Born and raised on the farm, Cherry Lane President Jen Smith is the tenth generation of her family to work the land. Located in the heart of Vineland, Ontario, Smith started production of Cherry Lane Concentrated Tart Cherry Juice in response to the body of research that continues to investigate how drinking the beverage can help people manage their health concerns. Today, the fruit used in the production of Cherry Lane Concentrated Tart Cherry Juice is grown both on the family farm and by other growers in the tender fruit belt of the Niagara Region. “Good things grow in Ontario” is more than a Fruitland slogan at Cherry Lane. It’s the beginning of a generations-long story that started with a tart cherry pucker.

The retail store is open all year round (but currently closed on weekends). If you are looking for a unique, sweet treat then make your way to Vineland and visit Cherry Lane! Don’t forget to visit their website for more information on the farm and where else you can find their awesome products.

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