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Burlington Centre Lions Farmers Market

Burlington, Ontario

Toronto - September 17, 2021 - I woke up on a Saturday morning in August with big ambitions to visit FOUR farmers markets in one day (all in which required quite a drive to get to, may I add). Feeling motivated and waking up with energy, I set sail (in my car) west on the Queen Elizabeth Way towards Burlington for my first stop: Burlington Centre Lions Farmers Markets.

I know my descriptions of the markets I visit can be a bit iffy sometimes, and this one will probably follow suit: the Burlington Centre Lions Farmers Market is set amidst the parking lot of the Burlington Cente, which is a booming retail node in Burlington. Sounds weird, right? Wrong. I didn’t know exactly what to expect from this market, but the set up on this lot is incredible both in terms of scale and organization. Spanning an entire wing of the parking lot, the market is set up in a gigantic circle - and was probably one of the biggest markets I had seen thus far.

That particular Saturday morning, it was bright and warm, and the vibes were on POINT at this market. From the parking area to the market interior, there were couples and families roaming about, and enthusiastic vendors putting on their best performances for their guests. Being the biggest market I had seen equates to the most vendors I had seen at one market as well. Vendors included farmers, flower farmers, bakers, butchers, cooks, and artisans making goods like preservatives and sauces.

The Burlington Nelson Lions Club opened the Farmers Market in the Burlington Central Arena parking lot in 1959. They then moved to the new Burlington Mall parking lot in 1968. In 2007, the Burlington Nelson Lions and the Burlington Central Lions Club merged as the Burlington Lions Club and have since become one of the most successful Farmers Markets in Southern Ontario. The market was Readers Choice for Best Produce in Burlington in 2019 and 2020. The Burlington Lions Club donates the proceeds from market operations to specific local projects to help those in need.

Conveniently located off the highway for anyone driving west of Toronto, this farmers market is a must visit. The market is open until October 30th. For more information about the market before your visit, visit the website!

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