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Brunch in Lisbon

Lisbon, Portugal

Azores, Portugal - July 9th, 2022 - I’ve been coming to Lisbon every summer since 2012. Now, you might think that I know every spot to eat the best frango or the best bar for a fabulous sangria…and you’re right, I do. But I also find myself searching for new places each time I visit. Google could probably tell you that Belem has the best pastais de nata or even that Porto is the place to be for franceschina, but this blog will tell you where you can find the “Tina best”…which is always better, if I do say so myself.

Though I had incredible meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner during my time in Lisbon, I want to highlight spectacular brunch places I visited. Brunch is kind of a newer concept for me in Lisbon. When I first started coming to Portugal I would visit the closest paderia (bakery) for a croissant or fresh bun for breakfast. Over the years as tourism started booming a lot of restaurants in Lisbon started to hop on the Western brunch train and they have seriously outdone themselves. Here are a few places that I visited:

Amelia (R. Ferreira Borges 101)

Amelia is an Instagram worthy brunch spot in Campo De Orique. The aesthetic was one of my favourite parts of the restaurant. The space is colourful and modern, it also has a beautiful patio in the back that is covered by canopies and gives a beachy feel in the middle of Lisboa. While at Amelia I ordered an iced almond milk latte to start and their Amelia Power Bowl with roasted vegetables and grilled chicken. The bowl was full of flavour, though the chicken wasn’t my favourite. The restaurant was extremely busy during the brunch hour. They are very well known in Lisbon for their pancakes and smoothies. Also, Campo De Orique is one of the most picturesque neighbourhoods in Lisbon, which is perfect for walking with a belly full of brunch goodness.

Break (R. Do Poço Dos Negros 73)

Two things are special about Break. First, it is located near one of my favourite miradouro, and second, the food is spectacular. Break is tucked into a tiny lane way in Lisbon and features brunch and lunch. The service at this restaurant is also stunning (and I mean that quite literally). Every human I met while eating at Break was an absolute angel and very nice to look at (lol). I ordered an iced almond milk macchiato to start and their shrimp bowl. Their bowl was full of flavour and served over a bed of fresh vegetables and rice. I finished my meal on their outdoor patio which was small but perfect for people watching and helping me achieve my very own Eat, Pray, Love - Portugal style.

Choupanna Café (1990-083 Lisbon)

Choupanna Caffe is located in one of my most visited places in Lisbon. Parque des Nações is definitely a must visit for their river/ocean views. It is also a central location for travel since it houses a train, bus, subway and boat station. I stopped in at Choupanna Caffe for a coffee, but I stayed for their avocado toast. I ordered an almond milk latte, avocado toast and of course a pastais de nata. Their avocado toast had two sunny side eggs on top of fresh avocado. I am not one to enjoy a runny yolk, but there was something about the avocado and home made sour dough bread that made me change my ways. I highly recommend stopping here for a quick coffee or some breakfast while traveling through Portugal.

Honest Greens (Cais Português Lote 2.11.01 R/S)

Last but definitely not least, Honest Greens is BY FAR my favourite spot in Lisbon for an iced

latte. I found Honest Greens while walking through Parque des Nações and it was love at first sight. Their aesthetic is very earthy and boho, it features an indoor and outdoor eating space that is large and welcoming. Honest Greens has a breakfast and lunch menu. I ordered an iced almond milk latte and their avocado toast. The iced latte was so delicious. The coffee was strong but not overpowering and the almond milk tasted like they just finished milking the almonds. I know almonds aren’t “milked” but it was that fresh. Their avocado toast was recommended by the staff. It featured avocado, sprouts, dehydrated ají chili, tahini sauce and lime. I even added an egg…also recommended. It was stunning. Honest Greens has two locations in Portugal, so please add it to your list.

Four days in Lisbon, four brunch spots in different area of the city! Now I am off to the Azores to continue that Eat, Pray, Love thing that I am doing. Stay tuned for more deliciousness!

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