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Bloor-Borden Farmers' Market

Toronto, Ontario

Toronto - October 12, 2021 - As most of you know, my partner and I recently moved from our rental in Etobicoke to our new home in Vaughan. Vaughan is central to many of the farms and markets that we visit (not a main reason for the move, but definitely a consideration). However, one big perk of living in Etobicoke (Toronto) is the proximity to tons of great markets in the city. In addition to the Etobicoke and Mississauga markets that we have visited, another one close by to our old home is the Bloor-Borden Farmers Market.

One Wednesday afternoon after the work day, I hopped in my car and drove east on Bloor Street towards Bloor and Bathurst (despite the close proximity, the traffic at this time absolutely sucked, so plan your weekday visits accordingly). As I approached the intersection, I made a right on a side street and was delighted to find the market amidst a parking lot where I could park and directly access the market (a rarity for Toronto markets).

Upon my arrival, there was a lineup at the entrance proving that I wasn’t the only one doing some post-work shopping. From my vantage point in line, I could see that the market was not ginormous. However, there was a good selection of farms, as well as a baker, and a vineyard on site. Most of the shoppers knew what they were shopping for, so the vendor list and the absence of a reasonably priced grocery store nearby makes this a perfect market for the local community. Not to mention, they have live music playing to add to the experience!

The Bloor-Borden market is open for a few more days with the last day this year on October 20th. Visit the market website for more information!

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