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Beretta Farms

King City, Ontario

Port Credit - December 22nd, 2022 - As a Vaughan local, I have heard about this next farm time and time again. However, I had no idea where it was, who owned it, or what exactly it was that they did. So when I saw that a pop-up market was occurring on site last November, it was a no-brainer to hop in my car and check it out. I drove north on the 400 to 15th Sideroad, and kept driving until I reached Beretta Farms.

Because there was a market on that particular day, there were two team members of the farm greeting cars at the end of the driveway. I gave them a wave and continued up the driveway until I spotted the gorgeous, wood barn on my right hand side. There were people walking in and out of the barn with their hands full of bags, which got me very excited. But before entering the barn, I couldn't help take in the gorgeous grounds surrounding it. After a moment for the scenery, I entered the barn to see market tables set up in a big circle - making the market easy to navigate and explore. They even had a personal shopper for EACH GUEST who greeted you as you entered, walked you through the market, and held your bags. I thought this was such a good touch, and really helped me to fully absorb my surroundings and know what it was I was looking at and ultimately adding to my bad. Everything being sold at the market was from Beretta Farms, from their meats to frozen meals.

In Huron County in 1992, newlyweds Mike and Cynthia Beretta spent their first few years as a couple learning the ropes of farm life, growing their own family of livestock and experiencing everything the rural and rustic terrain had to offer. Mike and Cynthia started what was to become Beretta Farms by buying two pigs. Neither of them came from a farming background which was both a blessing and a challenge. They named their first two pigs Wilbur and Charlotte, derived from the classic children’s novel Charlotte’s Web. When they were full grown, they were harvested at a local butcher shop and brought home. All the cuts were then delivered to friends and family of the Beretta’s. The experience of these first two pigs changed their lives forever and launched this wonderful journey that has involved the parents and children of both Mike and Cynthia.

In the summer of 1999, Mike and Cynthia realized in order to continue their success they would need a farm closer to a large urban area. With this decision made, the family was lucky enough to obtain 800 acres of prime agricultural land in King City. The couple’s intuition about being close to an urban area was right, and by 2006 Beretta was making regular deliveries to large banner retailers along with a growing number of independent health food stores and grocers. Now Beretta comprises over 40 ranches who raise Beretta animals using the same practices and values as the original King City location and our products can be found on menus and store shelves across the country.

The Beretta brand focuses on organic, grass-fed antibiotic and hormone free beef, chicken, pork, turkey, and value-added items. Beretta is available at grocers across Canada in both national chains and independents. Heritage Angus Beef is the sister brand to Beretta Farms. Heritage Angus Beef is our predominant export brand in EU, UAE and Asia markets. And finally, the Beretta Kitchen is a passionate, creative team of individuals who all share an intense love for farm to fork inspired food. The Kitchen caters corporate lunches, intimate dinner parties, weddings, and professional sports teams.

I will definitely be back during their next market or on-farm experience to get a deeper dive into farm life at Beretta Farms. Keep an eye out on social media, or check back on their website, to keep tabs on what’s coming up next!

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