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Annette Village Farmers Market

Toronto, Ontario

Toronto - September 16, 2021 - There’s nothing like having access to a farmers market nearby to do last minute grocery shopping for dinner. That is definitely one of the perks of living in the city - weekly markets open at convenient hours, perfect for grabbing that lettuce you need for tonight’s side of salad. On a Wednesday late afternoon in August, I was able to do just this and visit the Annette Village Farmers Market.

As I drove north up Jane Street towards Annette Street in the Annette Village community, I was delighted by the quaintness of the surrounding community. I made a right on Annette Street and spotted the entrance to the farmers market, which was nestled amidst the parking lot of the Runnymede Presbyterian Church, situated amongst large green trees. There was minimal parking available on the streets, making it very clear that I was late to the party. I finally found a parking spot, and as I made my way to the entrance. Evidently, what I thought showed to be true. I had to wait a couple of minutes as the market was at capacity (which was A-okay with me, giving me time to catch some rays).

The market itself is set up in two rows - both of which were buzzing with locals doing their shopping. Vendors at the market included farms, vineyards, bakeries, and other artisans. There was also music playing setting the vibe for the event. The market is perfect for locals and an amazing alternative to your typical grocery store. After a lovely whirl around the market, I passed the last booth on my way out and was stopped dead in my tracks. At this last tent, there was a large sign that read ‘Free Books’ with bins of unique and reputable novels available for anyone to grab. This was one of those moments where you think to yourself “I love people”, which lately, is something rarely any of us thinks. If anything, I was so happy to take this away from my market experience.

The Annette Village Farmers' Market began in 2012 on the patio of Creme Fraiche Market Cafe fueled by local food advocates and Ontario farmers and artisans. After a couple of years, it outgrew the space and grew in size and popularity. At the new location, it continues to grow and prosper with the support and love from its neighbouring community. The market strives to give the Annette Village community a place to gather among family and friends and to build direct connections and relationships with the people who grow and prepare their food.

The market also has great community partners that help bring it to life. For more information, visit their website.

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