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Andrew’s Farm Market & Winery

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Milton, Ontario

Toronto - June 1st, 2021 - Growing up, whenever someone said Milton my mind would immediately think of Toronto Premium Outlets (thanks, mom). However, if you take the time to actually drive into the town you will see bustling residential neighborhoods in addition to beautiful farmlands stretching for acres upon acres. A couple of Saturdays ago, I was lucky enough to take this drive (with a destination in mind, of course).

Heading north-east up Highway 25, I turned right on Line 10 towards Andrew’s Farm Market & Winery. Coming from a somewhat main road, I was both shocked and delighted to get stuck directly behind a tractor. There was something about the allure of the drive thus far that made driving at 20 km/h down the road both relaxing and enjoyable. After 2km at a snail's pace, I finally got close enough to my destination to spot the large, elegant sign that sat on the side of the road reading Andrew’s Scene Acres & Scotch Block Winery.

As you turn into the drive, there lies a large parking lot, a large barn, and a wooden kiosk-like structure sitting in front of 165 acres of farmlands. On a typical day, Andrew’s Farm Market & Winery charges admission to enter the grounds as they offer walking trails, wagon-rides, a playground, great photo opportunities and more. However, admission was free for the month of May (to my very pleasant surprise). Entering the grounds, I was taken by the size of and scale of the space, rolling with plants from the recent plant sale, rows of orchards, and children’s attractions lying amidst them. There were families all around, which was such a beautiful thing to see coming out of yet another Ontario lockdown.

After exploring the grounds, I turned back towards the barn to see what else Andrew’s had in store. At this time of the season, the barn market offered local sourced goods as well as their regular selection of homemade desserts available for purchase. Past the main market lies Andrew’s Winery which has a gorgeous selection of fruit wines. Over the 40 years of operations, the farm has grown to include its winery, boasting wines made with fruits grown directly in its fields. Andrew's is the only winery in Halton Region, nestled on the Niagara Escarpment.

Besides the fact that I deeply regret not purchasing one of the fruit wines, I will definitely return for a pick-your-own adventure at Andrew’s. On this specific weekend, asparagus and rhubarb were all of the rage. However, throughout the season they harvest their own fruits and vegetables. Pick-your-own includes strawberries, peonies, raspberries, blueberries, currants, dahlias and gooseberries in the summer months; with pumpkins, squash, decorative gourds, apples, sweet corn and sunflowers in the fall. See you soon, Andrew's!

To learn more about the farm and the winery, visit the Andrew’s Farm Market & Winery


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