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Algoma Orchards

Newcastle, Ontario

Vaughan - August 29th, 2022 - Out in Bowmanville on a Tuesday morning in May, I of course made a point to search for nearby farms and markets while out there. I came across Algoma Orchards, which is a unique version of our typical Harvest Honourable (and you’ll see why below). I made a left onto Darlington Clarke Townline from Highway 2, and turned right into the parking lot. To my surprise, there were not only apple vines spreading across acres of land, but a large farm market on site bustling with people. So instead of me describing my experience in detail, let’s get down to the detail on the ins and outs of Algoma Orchards' operations.

Algoma Orchards are leaders in Canada's apple farming and packing industry, with a state-of-the-art packing and juice-bottling facility located in Newcastle, Ontario. As fourth generation farmers, the Kemp family has a proven passion for farming. They began growing apples in the 1800's with Algoma Orchards starting in 1964. Algoma would grow, pack, and ship apples to local grocery stores. Since then, Algoma Orchards has grown immensely and continues to do so. In 2010, Algoma Orchards opened up shop in Newcastle. The Algoma Orchards Gourmet Market (the market described above) became a staple for many Durham Region locals, while the packing plant operates day and night to produce apple products for Canadians across the country. Algoma's vision is to be Canada's preferred source for apples and apple beverages. With over 1600 acres of land to farm upon, Algoma Orchards is currently the biggest grower in Canada and shows no signs of slowing down. Every year, they continue to invest in their farms (yes I said farms, plural) by planting 150 new acres of high-density farm. They offer both commonly known and unique apple varietals, and are even working on developing new ones!

The Gourmet Market is open year-round with apples and seasonal goods such as fresh produce (from local growers), gourmet deli, apple firewood, baked goods (baked FRESH), as well as gift ware. So go on a pay them a visit! You can visit their website beforehand as well if you need more information.

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